von Pazatka Lipinsky

About the Name

The research into the " von Pazatka Lipinski " family is strictly done for the sole purpose of preserving the history of the family for future generations in North America as well as in Europe.

The following families are closely connected to the " von Pazatka Lipinski's ", and therefore are also of interest to the overall family research: Gliszcynski, Kiedrowski , Piechowski , Modrzejewski , Pradzinski, Piekut , von Gruchalla, Ostrowski and Borzyszkowski. Please note: The original spelling of the name is Pazatka. However, there are over 20 different spelling variation of the name, such as: Paczatka, Parzatka, Pazotka, Pazadka, Pazonka, Pazutka, Paschutka etc. to give only a few examples. There are several hundred documents on file, touching many names and families from the villages as mentioned above.

I'm working with two other family researchers from Germany on our family history and we are willing to share our knowledge in exchange for similar information. I am also interested in the following names: Theodor Rohmann (founder of the resort village " Konradshohe " On the outskirts of Berlin), Schelenz, Unfug, Seidentopf and Sparschuh.

1. The von Pazatka Lipinski's Family Crest

2. A Little History About the Name: Part I

3. A Little History About the Name: Part II
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