Pomerania and Kashubia Come Again to Edmonton, AB, Canada

Appearing in the Fall 2005 of Kashubian Association of North America Newsletter

By: Peter von Pazatka Lipinsky (First Published 2005)

On September 9 and 10, 2005, the Province of Pomerania and the region of Kashubia came, once again, to the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Last year, for the 110th Birthday of the City of Edmonton, Peter von Lipinsky had his collection Kashubian and Pomeranian research books, copies of old documents, his own family pedigree chart and some Kashubian and Pomeranian artifacts on display at the LDS Family History Center in Edmonton. The display was very well received and created a lot of interest in Western Canada, in the relatively unknown regions of Pomerania and Kashubia.

This year, in 2005, the Province of Alberta celebrates its One-Hundredth birthday, 1905-2005. Again, the Edmonton LDS Family History Center participated in this year's provincial birthday celebration by hosting a two-day genealogical conference.

The free lectures on genealogical research were all very well attended on both days by over 300 people. Also several special interest groups, i.e. for England, Scotland, France, Canada, U.S.A., the Ukraine, etc. had their own genealogical displays pertaining to their own area of family interest.

Peter had his Kashubian collection on display again and this year Peter's display was bigger and better than in previous years. One of Peter's prize possessions now is a hand embroidered girl's czepek (girl's bonnet) made in Kashubia by Inga Mach of the city of Bytow.

The two names, "Kashubia" and "Pomerania" are now two well known names in this part of the world, thanks to Peter's continued effort to promote his heritage.