Kashubian Embroidery of Genowefa Palubicki

By: Peter von Pazatka Lipinsky (First published in 2001)

When one reads about Kashubian history, tradition and culture, the name of Genowefa Palubicki will show up sooner or later. This lady has carved her name into the Kashubian history and culture with her unique embroidery patterns. Her patterns reflect true Kashubian color combinations as well as her own Kashubian design variations. These special designs and patterns are Genowefa's very own "Hallmark" of Kashubian embroidery.

Should you ever have the opportunity to visit the Kashubian museum in the city of Bytow, Poland, you will find a large assortment of Kashubian embroidery on display, such as vest, table cloths, blouses, skirts and Kashubian bonnets. Most of the items on display are the work of Genowefa. She is a major driving force to keep the tradition of Kashubian embroidery alive and see that it is passed on to the younger generation. Genowefa was born in 1922 in Kartusy and for the most of her life she has made it her mandate to keep the art of the colorful and traditional Kashubian embroidery alive for generations to come. Since 1979 Genowefa has been teaching the art of Kashubian embroidery and thanks to Genowefa, the tradition has survived and is well on its way to find its rightful place in Kashubian history books. Genowefa's own embroidery creations are easily recognizable, since she has her very own style and color use in her variations. Genowefa's specialties are the traditional Kashubian bonnets.

The Polish Government is actively supporting Genowefa's desire to keep the art of Kashubian embroidery alive and besides in the museum in Bytow, Genowefa's work can also be found in museums in Chojnice, Krakow, Lotz, Slupsk and Torun.

The beauty of Genowefa's embroidery is best appreciated in color.