Who's Grandfather wrote this Letter?

By: Peter von Pazatka Lipinsky (First published in 2000)

It has been said that most discoveries happen by accident. How true this is, has once again been proven to be correct. While doing some research on some of the old Borzyszkowy church records, a few pages of a letter were discovered. The letter had been written in Polish a long time ago, 102 years ago, almost to the day. Not being able to read Polish, I just briefly glanced at the letter and noted the name "von Glisczinski". This was the maiden name of my Great-Grandmother. Getting the letter translated was relatively easy, thanks to my Polish neighbours. After reading the translation, it became very obvious that the contents of this letter should be shared with as many people as possible. Maybe there is a descendent of Wojciech Binczik, who would like to read this letter.

 Part of the Letter

Lexington, July 20, 1897

God be with you. I, Wojciech Binczik come to you, Sir, with kindest regards and with my compliments for receiving from you Sir, a letter and a birth certificate, which I received on Thursday before Good Friday. I am asking you Sir, to send the birth certificate of Glisczinski. He lives a mile from us. His daughter joined a convent and became a nun. Glisczinski's field was destroyed by hail, and we feel very sorry for him, because they are the best neighbours we have. I am sending you Sir, a money order. In Gdansk in the bank they will give you 11 Marks (German currency).

Once again we send all our love and wish you health and happiness. God be with you. Amen Wojciech Binczik and Michael Glisczinski. My address: Lextington, Lesueur, Con. Minnesota, North America. Me and Glisczinski, we want to say, that we are sorry for not getting back to you sooner. But von Glisczinski lives a mile away from me and it was very hard to get together. But now, he send me half of the payment for those birth certificates and 3 Marks to have a mass said for Glisczinski's relatives. And me Wojciech Binczik will send 5 Marks, 3 Marks to have a mass said for my relatives, and 1 Mark for those certificates, and 1 Mark for parcel. ( postage?) Right now over here is very wet. Often there is rain and hail. Our priest left for Europe for 3 months. His name is Ferdynand Ploschek. In our newspaper it says that last year 200 to 700 people immigrated to America. From Deutschland (Germany) 30 to 150 and from France 55 to 85. That what it says in the German Catholic newspaper.

And now we send our love in the name of God and the holy Mother. Amen.

Wojciech Binczik