My Kashubian Heritage

Hans - Peter Wendelin von Pazatka Lipinsky

Proud to be Part of This Legacy

Family Historian/Researcher since 1953 and Member of the following organizations 

1) Edmonton Genealogical Society

2) Alberta Genealogical Society

3) Pomeranian Society of Freistadt, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

4) Supporting & associated with the Instytut Kaszubski,
    Gdansk, Poland.

5) The Historical Society of Germans from Poland and Volhynia

6) Wilno Heritage Society (Wilno, Ontario, Canada)

7) F E E F H S , Federation of East European Family History Societies

8) SGGEE Society for German Genealagy in Eastern Europe

Community Volunteer advisor to the Edmonton L.D.S. Family History Center with special interest in the former Prussian provinces of Pomerania and East and West Prussia.

Area of research: The former provinces of Pomerania, Kashubia and West-Prussia, now the province of Pomorskie, Poland. The following towns and villages are of particular interest  Glizno - Glisno / Zemmen - Ciemno / Damsdorf - Niezabyszewo / Gross Tuchen -Tuchomie / Platenheim - Plotowo / Pyaschen - Piaszno / Borzyszkowy (o) - Bergfriede / Morgenstern - Justrenka / Bernsdorf -Ugoszcz / Hygendorf - Udorpie / Liepnitz - Lipnica / Radenfelde - Trzebiatkowa / Kiedrau - Kiedrowice / Adlig Briesen - Brzesno Szlachecki / Heidemhl - Borowy MIlyn / Kremerbruch - Kramarzyny / Ostrowitt - Ostrowite and other nearby towns and villages in the area of interest.

These two  partial maps are from the former German Province of Pommern / Pomerania, After 1945 large parts of Pommern was annexed by Poland and all names were changed to Polish names. The second map is showing many of the villages, (marked in red) where my ancestors used to live for hundred of years, with the village of Liepnitz being the cradle of the von Lipinski(y) family.

Map 1

Map 2

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